Nurses to approach Supreme Court against the overseas recruitment new policy

United Nurses Association, one of the largest associations of Indian nursing community decided to brawl against the mistakes in new foreign recruitment policy of Central government. The Association will approach the Supreme Court against the shortcomings in the order issued by the Central Government. The association is also decided to submit a mass petition to Sushama Swaraj Minister of External Affairs in this regard.

The Central government has issued the reformed order without ensuring whether the government agencies have sufficient facilities and agreements or arrangements with the foreign governments for the recruitment. Many questions have raised against the injustice of the government by keeping double emigration clearance rule , an exclusive exception for nurses even though law allows other professionals, who passed 10th standard, emigration free recruitments. Earlier the recruitment was taken aback from government to private agencies due to the mismanagement of the government. This new policy raises a substantial fear in nursing jobs overseas amongst Indians.

It is the large-scale corruption and cheating by private agencies who recruit nurses from India to Kuwait led to present ban on recruitment. Instead taking realistic steps to make the recruitments transparent, corruption-free and put an end to middlemen exploit to safeguard the interest of nurses who seek a better future abroad the present ban resulted in many hardships to thousands of nurses. The nurses who have completed interview and already got their job visas are facing fear and unsecure future. Most of them have resigned their present jobs and have pledged their property and gold for seeking a better opportunity in foreign countries. The hasty and thoughtless decision of government has put their future in jeopardy.

The present reports show that many countries are withdrawing from the present agreement due to some conditions in the present order of External Affairs Ministry. It will adversely affect the chances of Indian nurses. Though the recruitment through private agencies has come to a standstill, the government agencies have not yet prepared for the recruitment. This will make the problems more severe. Both the Central and state government should review the order and formulate a practicable solution instead of the blanket ban on recruitments. “If it is necessary the association will organize mass agitation including parliament march” said Jasminsha, the state president of UNA.

Considering this crisis scenario, the united nurses association has organised a Legal Help Cell formation convention on June 9th 2015 at Renewal Centre, Azad Road, Kaloor, Cochin. The nurses who could not go abroad due the present ban are requested to participate in the convention with family. Interested candidates may please contact in the following mobile numbers, 9567574809, and 9747532533. UNA State Vice President, Beljo Eliyas, District Secretary Hariss Manalumpara, and District vice president Anjali also participated in the press conference.