Nurses’ strike at Amrita continues

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Talks between the hospital authorities at the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and the leaders of the United Nurses’ Association failed to resolve the strike by a section of nurses that began on Tuesday at the hospital.

The nurses’ organisation, in addition to the demands of salary hike and other benefits, was asking for giving up the legal action against the nurse who was dismissed from service on Tuesday, and that was not acceptable, according to the hospital spokesperson. The strike began on Tuesday afternoon, after the association leaders, who had arrived at the hospital to discuss matters of a dismissal and a transfer of two nurses, were beaten up allegedly by the staff at the hospital.

The representative of the nurses said that the talks were inconclusive as the hospital had not agreed to any of their demands. Association State secretary Sudeep Krishnan said their demands included reinstating two nurses — one who was dismissed and another who was transferred— at the hospital, implementing minimum wages, maintaining nurses-to-patient ratio according to the mandates of the Indian Nursing Council and abolition of bonds in employing nurses.

The hospital authorities, in a statement, said that contrary to the claim by the nurses’ association, the functioning of the hospital has not been affected by the strike in which only a section of nurses was involved.

Hundreds of nursing graduates who are Mata Amritanandamayi’s devotees, are waiting to serve patients at the hospital, it said.

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