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The Woeful Plight of Nurses

Nurses play a noble and pivotal role in the modern health care system. The nursing profession, with competence and unparalleled commitments has become an indispensible part of the country’s healthcare facilities. Kerala has for long been reputed for sending the largest number of trained and dedicated nurses to all parts of the world. Whether in Europe, America or the Gulf, one may not miss a Malayali nurse in any big hospital as they have earned a name for selfless service and professionalism. But, at home, the nurses are struggling hard for decent wages and working conditions. The nurses are a sidelined section in the health sector in most of the Indian states. In most hospitals, they fail to get pay and service conditions matching their qualifications and professional skills. The nurses and paramedics workforce are ill-treated and intimidated by managements. Though harassment and exploitation have been there in the sector for long nobody has so far dared to complain. Even in a progressive state like Kerala, the nursing council was formed only a few years back. This itself shows the negligence shown by the authorities towards nurses.

The nurses in the private sector were largely disorganized and this factor encouraged the Private Hospital Managements to exploit the nurses and paramedics and flouting the directives of labour department of the state government. The nurses deserve better treatment and better livelihood. Only unity among the nurses and a strong organizational setup can project the grievances of the nurses to the authorities and to bring the agnosing experiences of nurses to the general public.

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